Authentic Man Program

March 2 – 4

Learn how to create profoundly rewarding relationships with women, family and friends!

The Authentic Man Program Weekend (AMP) – is a growth opportunity for men. This three day experience will help you free yourself from unconscious conditioning. At AMP you’ll learn powerful communication and relationship skills so you can create amazing connections with women, family and friends.

You’ll spend two days working with the Men’s Leadership Team and one full day with the AMP Women’s team. You’ll get real-time feedback and explore new ways of showing up, for all new results. Join us at an AMP weekend and claim the freedom to be your authentic self.

Questions? Contact our AMP enrollment director!

Few things impact a man’s life as much as his relationships with women. For most men, women can be a source of profound fulfillment – OR – a source of endless longing and pain.

At AMP …

You’ll gain confidence and clarity that comes from years of experience with women … in a single weekend.

You’ll work directly with smart, sexy women who are dedicated to your growth as a man.

You’ll have the opportunity to practice, train and explore in a transparent space so you can learn what is really going between men and women.

Come to AMP and you will …

  • Grow as a man
  • Become a more skilled communicator
  • Create better relationships with women
  • Improve every relationship in your life
  • See yourself with greater clarity
  • Experience others with greater understanding
  • Enjoy life more

These trainings have been some of the best investments I’ve ever made.

These skills were there for me when I had multiple girlfriends and they are there for me now that I’m married to the woman of my dreams. They were there for me as I was building my business. I relied on them when my mom was dying of cancer. The pay off both personally and financially has been immeasurable.

When you heal yourself you help heal the world.


Questions? Contact our AMP enrollment director!

Once upon a time, Decker and Brian created AMP to teach men how to create amazing, authentic relationships with women… and with life.

The story – as I remember – goes something like this… Decker had a life-changing (holy F$#ck nothing’s ever going to be the same again) breakthrough. The next day he was relating to everything – and thus women – in amazing new ways. Suddenly he was enjoying profound connections and loving life like never before. He was communicating with authenticity and clarity. The epic stories of Decker’s romantic, sexual and life adventures from this time are legendary.

Meanwhile… Brian was lonely and struggling to create fulfilling relationships with women. He watched Decker connect with grace and ease. It was painful. Brian became determined to understand what he was doing wrong and what Decker was doing right. With Decker’s help, Brian went on a journey into the truth. He started asking new questions. He got honest feedback from insightful women. He saw himself through new eyes and discovered that he’d been trying way too hard. Brian had his own breakthrough and soon had his own epic stories to tell.

Brian and Decker realized they had discovered a method that could help any man radically improve his relationships … and his life. So they collaborated with talented, sexy, and self-aware women to create the Authentic Man Program. Since then, AMP has helped thousands of men see themselves through new eyes and discover the liberating – and life changing – power of authenticity.

Have you had your breakthrough yet? If you want the AMP experience now is the timeWork closely with our best facilitators and the amazing AMP women’s team to have your own authentic breakthrough.

Liberate yourself from what you think you’re supposed to be.