Business and Workplace Communication

Take your business to new levels with advanced communication skills.

Every organization is capable of cultivating top performance, open, honest communication, inclusion, mutual respect and overall satisfaction. Now more than ever it’s important to create a healthy thriving company culture.

There is a crisis in the American workplace so pervasive that most people take it for granted. In 2010, Harvard Business Review reported that only 45% of employees in the U.S. were satisfied with their jobs. Millions of people at all levels are suffering from poor morale in their organizations. At the root of this poor morale is often disconnection between team members and their managers, as well as individuals and their role in the organization.

Currently, over half of the professional U.S. labor force works more than 50 hours per week, consuming approximately 44% of waking hours. Our work environments deliver significant impact on who we are and how we experience life. Our time at work has the potential to be an ongoing source of frustration or satisfaction. When we couple this truth with the high cost of turnover, we can no longer afford to be idle. Now, more than ever, it is time to focus on relating as much as efficiency, growth or profit.

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Trainings and Services

Effective Sales Communication

Communicate better and close more sales! In this 2 day workshop we’ll focus on some essential skills and communication tools to support you in selling to your customers. In order to trust you, your services or your products, customers need to feel understood and supported. They need to feel connected to you. Learn how to listen and create powerful connections with potential customers at all new levels of effectiveness. Get good at understanding and communicating a customers needs, even better than they can express those needs themselves.

Retreats & Team building

Do you plan annual or semi-annual retreats for your leadership team that generate the results you want and need, or do team members quickly fall into old familiar patterns? Does your team leave these retreats feeling more connected and ready to take on the strategy of the organization, or does the euphoria of a new experience quickly wear off?

We offer dynamic, engaging, and organization-specific whole day and half day retreats that will be like nothing you have ever experienced. In a fun and supportive environment, we focus directly on how team members relate to one another and themselves. Your team will learn and implement new skills that strengthen their relationships, communication skills, and their ability to understand each other more fully.

Break away from traditional team building and motivational events. Our team building exercises don’t just motivate people, they instill new skills into company culture so that your team naturally starts to communicate and operate more effectively. Your team will acquire new skills that strengthen their relationships, communication skills, and ability to understand each other. When people enjoy their work and trust their teammates, they live happier lives and get better results.

Management & Staff Training

Communication is at the foundation of organizational alignment. As an organization grows, it often becomes increasingly difficult to facilitate open and honest communication. This leadership challenge multiplies when communication becomes charged with emotion and perceived value. Our Holistic Listening Training provides a set of skills that will transcend the classroom directly into practice. We provide the tools to navigate Crucial Conversations. The leaders who take our training are taught to administer Holistic Listening within their organizations. This training will have profound impact on the health of your organization’s culture and the successful execution of strategic goals.

Leadership Coaching

Great leaders need great communication skills. There is an art to making team members feel respected, energized and motivated. Misunderstandings and unnecessary drama sap the effectiveness of any team or organization. Learn the tools that you need to help your team navigate conflict and inspire them to accomplish amazing things. Our coaches work one-on-one with leaders of teams and organizations to refine personal style and target salient behaviors needed for success. We believe that any leader who exhibits potential, has passion, and is willing to be self-reflective, can be coached to greatness.

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