Opportunity Weekends

Clearing shame for people who struggle with – herpes diagnosis, body acceptance, rape, sexual abuse or trauma

Adrial Dale created the transformational Opportunity Weekend to help people integrate shame and trauma. This groundbreaking workshop has served people who have struggled with: herpes diagnosis, cancer, rape & sexual abuse, body acceptance and trauma. The Opportunity Weekend experience was inspired by Adrial’s own personal journey through shame and into radical self acceptance.

In a supportive environment, participants shine a loving light on otherwise painful shadows. These beautiful weekends teach people how to communicate with friends and loved ones about delicate and painful subjects. Innovative partner and group exercises have consistently proven to liberate people from feelings of shame and isolation, bringing them back into a healthy connection with friends, family and community.

Adrial Dale specializes in helping people move through shame into a full embrace of their lives. In his own life and from working with thousands of people, he has seen how shame can cripple connection and intimacy.

As a leader in the global herpes community, and in the broader application of relational practices, Adrial supports people in realizing that when they clear shame, they not only have more love and acceptance for themselves, they have more love and acceptance for others. He has mentored community leaders who support others with a wide range of shame based struggles. Adrial is committed to helping people transcend whatever limitations they may imagine are holding them back from living rich fulfilling lives.

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