The Art of Conflict Resolution

Learn how to navigate disagreement and charged arguments with greater understudying, clarity and grace.

In our careers and personal lives we’re often confronted with arguments, drama and conflict. This two day workshop explores conflict resolution as an art and a skill.

We’ll uncover some essential tools that help people resolve charged communications and understand one another. We’ll reveal why emotional upset makes communication so difficult and introduce skills that calm things down. We’ll practice how to disarm upset and support mutual understanding.

When we communicate from different emotional states, we interpret and express things in very different ways. In this relational workshop you’ll learn to understand how these changing states influence your perspective and your communication. You’ll learn how to recognize your current emotional state so you can calibrate your reactions with greater insight and purpose. You’ll also learn how to identify and help shift the orientation of an argument that’s gone wrong. By recognizing the purpose and goals of your communication, you’ll get better at supporting more productive outcomes.

One essential component of resolving conflicts in our relationships, is resolving internal conflicts. We’ll take a look at conflicting agendas that you wrestle with internally. In the process of resolving some of these personal conflicts you’ll better understand and facilitate the process of resolving external conflicts with others.

Bring greater harmony and grace to your relationships and your life.

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