Relating as a Spiritual Practice

Explore your relationship with God – by looking into the eyes of others.

The Relating as a Spiritual Practice workshop has been a featured presentation at the Wild Goose Festival for last 3 years, where it’s been hailed by ministers, activists and festival participants as a groundbreaking spiritual practice.

In this unique workshop, you’ll connect with others as an exploration into the nature of God and the divine. Whereas most spiritual practices are a retreat into solitary prayer or meditation, relating has us put our attention on relationships, each other and the spaces between us.

With Mike Morrell and David Bollt

Mike Morrell is co-author of the best selling book, The Divine Dance (with Richard Rohr). He is also one of the founders of the Wild Goose Festival in NC that attracts artists, activists, spiritual leaders and change-makers from around the world. Mike is a widely-respected progressive Christian blogger exploring the intersection of ‘Spirit, Culture, and Permaculture’ at

David Bollt is the senior course leader and founder of Through his workshops and trainings, David leads groups and individuals into greater self and relational awareness. Through his experience with his mother’s cancer and working with people, David has come to see our relationships with each other as a primary vehicle of spiritual growth.