Circling Trainings and Workshops

Experience and learn the art of circling. Liberate yourself from unconscious patterns. See and be seen like never before.

“Circling is a framework for understanding that helps us see ourselves and one another through clear, unclouded eyes and to hold with love and appreciation (rather than fear and resistance) all the amazing ways each and every one of us is a unique work of art.”

– David Bollt (From the introduction to The Art of Circling, by Bryan Bayer)

By allowing us to discover all the subtle differences in how unique individuals see and experience the world, circling has the power to replace disconnection and isolation with a deep sense of appreciation and wonder.

Through an artful process of curiosity and inquiry, we come to see ourselves and each other like never before. With understanding and transparency you’ll often find transformation. As we illuminate otherwise unconscious behavior and patterns, we experience greater freedom and authenticity.

Just as no two snowflakes have ever been the same, no two people have ever been the same. The colorful palette of differing personalities and physical traits that we see in humanity mirrors the stunning range of perspectives and worldviews that we find within each and every one of us.

Join us at one of our circling events, or bring one of our circling trainings to your business or community.

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