If you woke up to a world where all of your long term goals had been wiped away by something like a financial crisis or a zombie apocalypse, who would you be? How would you show up for the people you care about and even for strangers?

Many men defer creating what they want in this moment, thinking that they have to “become” something first. They can wait years, decades or even a lifetime, thinking that only AFTER they have achieved success, made the money or gotten ripped in the gym, will they be ready (or be good enough) to go for it.

In this recording, AMP facilitator, John Church and course leader David Bollt talk about how ideas about purpose can actually hurt guys more than they help.

They break down why so many men feel lost (even as they pursue goals), and why others feel completely fulfilled, regardless of their accomplishments. Listen, as they explore how you you are living right now, as a reflection of the kind of man you would be in a world full of zombies.

Get a bold new re-frame on what it means to live with a sense of purpose, in a way that makes fulfillment available to you right now!

Are you trading the happiness of your present moment for the promise of future goals?
Are you abandoning the truth of who you are for an identity that you feel pressured to create?

There are few things as rewarding in life as living from a deep sense of purpose.